still bummed

by nouns

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recorded in a bedroom by Hunter Clifton Mann

the song dogs will haunt me forever won't it


released March 1, 2013

Funeral Sounds
all rites deserved



all rights reserved


nouns Little Rock, Arkansas

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Track Name: dogs
if you want it bad enough, things will get better
but that's not the truth and you know better
so you're trying hard enough but nothing is better
but you won't quit trying 'cause you know better

nothing comes easy and nothing comes free
but it just seems like i can't get out of this heap
of shit i must have stumbled into by accident
disorder and script i must've stumbled into it

can i just get my body back

i like dogs much better
than cats
and wolves
and rats
and bats
that i use when i get imaginative

i like dogs much better
than people could ever be
Track Name: still bummed
i'm still sad
i'm still bummed

you were the first and last of your kind
but you went away

and i'm sad
but i'll get over it
yeah it's bad
but you don't mean as much as you think

i guess it just wasn't meant to be
'cause you're a nervous wreck
and i am second-best
Track Name: school bus
playing games with you on the way to magic springs
kings of shitty leather seats
riding the school bus

every thing's changing now
every thing's changed

every thing's changing now
everything's change.
Track Name: conch
oh yeah, my head feels like it's about to split
seeing my shrink biweekly
she says it's just nervousness

lack of sleep don't got nothing to do with the way i piss
mother's so worried, said she don't like seeing me like this

oh my, spend my life depending on scripts
the kids at school ignore me
say they don't like atheists
guess i ain't complaining, i ain't desired to speak to them since
i don't got time for heaven with a bounty on my head

oh yeah it's come i been dragged a long way home for this
all will we be well on the western front
that's where i'm headed
to enlightenment

i've decided i don't believe in love and that i never did
even that time we threw our clothes to the side
and jumped into that pond behind your house
you clung to me for warmth
while i was too busy thinking about the grimy feeling between my toes
Track Name: yaw
back to bed
weighed down by sweat and dead skin
Track Name: dumped
i feel so stupid
so depressed
i don't know why
i need more friends
i want more friends
Track Name: way
back to bed
weighed down by sweat and dead skin
Track Name: you're not the one that i want
we're so sad
i'm so sorry
you're not the one that i want
Track Name: the graduate
head over toilet water-- i want to drown myself in my own shit
listening to red hawk sing soulful tunes
and i wonder where i'm going
Track Name: great big 'fuck' and how i'm coping with it
i remember after my dad came home, it was always sad
and i swore to myself, i'd never live like that
if i'd jump into his work boots just try them on
if i jumped right in, they would swallow me whole

i remember after my dad came home