split w/ I Was Afraid

by nouns

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recorded in Warren, Arkansas

out on clear 7" lathe on Driftwood Records: driftwoodrecords.storenvy.com/products/1557258-7-lathe

out on tape through So Foreign Records and Driftwood Records

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/NOUNS/265189506949493?ref=hl

Email: nnoouunnss@gmail.com


released March 28, 2013



all rights reserved


nouns Little Rock, Arkansas

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Track Name: still bummed
i'm still sad
i'm still bummed

you were the first and last of your kind, but you went away

and i'm sad
but i'll get over it
yeah, it's bad
but you don't mean as much as you think

and i guess it just wasn't meant to be
'cause you're a nervous wreck
and i am second-best
Track Name: my life through cold sweats
i didn't ask you to fall in love with me
i never told you to fall for everything

i know we fucked, and i felt awful about it
i didn't even tell you that i can't stand sex
when you hold me, i just want to breathe
and when you kiss me, i feel like shit

i was lonely, and now i'm stuck
i feel like shit, like a shitty human being
and i want to be friends, 'cause i like your friends
but by fuck, i just can't stand you

it's like this with every girl i meet
first night i love them with all my heart
second night she'll ask me what's wrong
sunday morning comes and i'll be gone

all it took was one quick glance
and three years to the day, you'd be mine
'cause you were wrapped up in me, even though i didn't keep track of time
and i'm a let-down; i'm just like your dad
i'll even put your daddy issues to the side
i won't laugh or bark at you when you cry
but i won't care enough to make you smile

and i really do like that you like jawbreaker
and i really do think you're beautiful
and i really do want to be your friend
and i really do know we can't work out
and i really do tell the truth
except for all these things i can't say to you
you and your friends should get dorm-room-drunk
i really do think that's what's better for you